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Thank you for your interest in my company, Teko Custom Builders, LLC,  General Builders Licence Number 90586. 

Albuquerque has been my home from day one.  Since I can remember, there has been an insatiable interest in building things and solving problems.  As a kid, there was always a desire to build a better mouse trap, to go faster and farther then my friends, usually resulting in increased scaring of my knees and elbows, or finding a more creative way to deploy my Dad’s abundant selection of tools.  I was the kid under the plume of dust out in the middle of the mesa digging the “next generation” of fort.  My friends and I were innovators (or so we believed) in the use of indirect lighting, nichos, multilevel construction and modern underground decor all the while maintaining the strictest environmental co-existence policies so as to conceal our coveted forts from others.  Today that desire is alive and well.  My energy has been focused towards both the design and construction of quality homes while continuing my pursuit of the ever evolving advancements in technology, design, materials and the techniques required to put them all together in a functional system.

It wasn’t long after these glorious days, I graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, with an emphasis in Construction Management.  After several years growing a successful business, I moved on to Intel where I was introduced to the world of Industrial Construction.  For three years I worked for a large subcontractor as  Project Engineer for a variety of large scale installations within the the facility.

In 1992 as operations were winding down in Albuquerque and regrouping in Chandler Arizona, I made good on a promise to enter the residential construction industry with my sister, Rosemary Rutledge.  Rosemary spent over half of her 46 years involved in the home building business and became one of the premier, female, luxury home builders in New Mexico.  We combined our individual talents along with another sister of ours, Cindy, and together built many fine homes under the name Custom Homes by Rosemary Rutledge, Inc.  In the 10 years of building homes together, we built over 60 custom homes.  These homes ranged widely in price, complexity, materials and esthetics.  As Construction Manager of her company, my role was to not only work with our various crews to complete the home on time and within budget but to build a relationship with our owners through the exchange of ideas and timely communication while providing guidance through the construction process.

In 1992, my sister, business partner and friend died of Breast Cancer at the age of 46.  She left behind a building legacy of superior craftsmanship, and owner satisfaction.

Rosemary taught me a great deal about the softer side of construction.  Teko Custom Builders is the culmination of 15 years of construction Experience, 12 years of Custom Home building, my insight as an Engineer and a desire to implement the goals and building sciences established through the Build America program.  It is the goal of my company to not only continue a legacy I once helped build, but to enhance it by bring cutting edge construction techniques and materials together to build energy efficient designs that are esthetically pleasing.  By eliminating water and moisture related problems while providing a structure that will withstand the test of time.  By embracing building concepts and techniques that are friendlier to the environment.  By providing only high efficiency heating, cooling and fresh air ventilation systems, high performance window and door systems and high performance insulation packages.  

Member of the Energy and Environmental Building Association. 

Teko Custom Builders, LLC

(505) 238-0700

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